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Rules for Ole Maverick


  1. Treat all people and animals the way you like to be treated.

  2. Check-In is at your designated time slot when booking.

  3. Check-Out is 11:00 a.m. on your final day.

  4. No idling of diesels in camping area.

  5. This is not a party spot.

  6. Limit 6 Adults per camping area.

  7. Limit 2 powered Non-RV Vehicles.

  8. There will be a 13% tax (State, Local, and Lodging) applied to all RV Hookup bookings.

    • Effective 2021.

    • Applies to all forms of payment (Cash, Credit/Debit Card, and Check).

  9. There will be a 3% processing fee applied to ALL Credit/Debit Card Transactions.

  10. All dogs MUST be on leash.

  11. No fires of any kind.

  12. No stopping or parking in pull-in areas on East and West Sides. Please pull straight through to ensure no congestion occurs.

  13. Loading and unloading of horses only in designated spots. Please refer to Map accordingly.

  14. *Applies to West Side Camping Only* Once you are done setting up your RV, please park your trucks in designated parking area on Map. It will be in the pasture.

  15. No need to place water buckets in corrals. Our property is completely covered with Automatic “Bar Bar A” Drinkers.

  16. Never be in a hurry to get hurt!

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